Best Home Made Chocolate Recipe | Ingredients | Time cheflifes

Hi foodie friends lets make the best chocolate today in your kitchen, this is the easiest recipe ever. You can make it with simple cereals which is you use for regular breakfast. You can make different kinds of chocolate with a delicious flavor. As per your choices like almond, pistachio, cashew nut, walnut, and many more.  

Best Home Made Chocolate Recipe | Let’s Enjoy the kid’s Choco Party

Everyone loves to eat chocolate but people enjoy it more while it’s crunchy mouth-watering creamy. Someone ask me about quick homemade chocolate so I went to the kitchen and I tried to check what I have available, and what I can prepare easily, so I fount some cereals and took some dark chocolate block and here we go. Well, this is a very special homemade chocolate. Kids love it a lot. Whenever you gonna celebrate the kid’s party or any birthday party, simply you can make it and impress your Guest and kids too.

List of Ingredients-:

Best Home Made Chocolate Recipe
Chocolate Recipe
  1. dark chocolate 
  2. corn flakes
  3. frosties
  4. coco pops 
  5. fruit’n fiber
  6. wheat crispy

Preparation and Method 

Take a saucepan as per your quantity and cut the chocolate block in small pieces so it can melt easily. Place the pan with broken chocolate on low fire just to melt it well.  Same time mix all the cereals and crust it by hand around 70%, keep aside. Take a large flat tray place the baking paper on it and remove the melted chocolate and place it on baking paper spread it in the whole tray. Take the crusted cereals and spread it on melted chocolate, take another baking paper, and place on top of cereals press it by rolling pin softly to balance the cereals dip in melted chocolate. Make it thin or thick as per your choice. Cut the chocolate in square or triangle as per your choice.  Keep in chiller for 1 hour, make sure no one  will touch it, 

So here we go with delicious crunchy homemade chocolate for your friends or kids to celebrate the choco bars party. you can watch the videos and let’s make it together. Let’s become today a pastry chef, and learn something more about culinary arts. 

I hope you enjoy my blogs and video, kindly let me if you have a question about food and cooking definitely if I can help you, that will be a great chance for me to spread my culinary journey with you. Please subscribe and leave your comments below for new updates. Stay blessed. 






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