Chicken Tacos 2020 | Best Easy Recipe by chef lifes
Chicken Taco Recipe

Chicken Tacos, Chicken Taco Recipe, Chicken Tinga, Chicken Recipe, Chicken Tacos Ingredient. :-Hi everyone, Today I m gonna introduce you to Chicken Tacos. basically, Tocos comes from Mexico, when we heard about Mexican food nachos comes 1st in mind but not all the people love to eat nachos.

So I m sharing with you my yummy Tacos recipe, from my Menu, there are lots of kinds of Tacos like seafood, beef, lamb, or many more. Mexico is one popular country in North America.

Chicken Tacos Ingredient,
Chicken Tacos Ingredient,

Chicken Tacos Recipe | Perfect Time to Celebrate Tacos Party

Well, you can celebrate the tacos party always in home & outdoor while you have a birthday kitty party anniversary home gathering or some special occasion, coz it’s the best and easy way to prepare tacos in home & workplace as well  (whoever works in the kitchen), it can be added in the restaurant menu, everyone loves tacos always, & its a kind of healthy food as well, so let’s start.

Ingredients List (for one portion)

  1. Chicken breast julienne – 250 Grm.
  2. Mix bell pepper julienne – 60 Grm.
  3. Red Onion julienne – 40 Grm.
  4. Cheddar cheese – 40 Grm
  5. Chop Garlic – 1 T-spoon.
  6. Cajun spice – 1 Table-spoon.
  7. Pepper powder to taste.
  8. Aromat powder – 1 T-spoon.
  9. Cooking oil – 4 Tablespoon.
  10. Corn tortilla – 3 No or (flour tortilla) but corn tortilla will be crispy, (I prefer corn tortilla).


Chicken Tacos Ingredient

Cooking Method-

    • Take tacos to mold place your corn tortilla in the mold and deep fry it for 20 to 30 seconds.
    • Take a Non-stick pan place it up to gas flame after a few seconds add cooking oil & heat it up.
    • Add chicken julienne & a pinch of salt & cook it till  80% in medium heat, remove the chicken from pan keep aside.
    • Take the same pan to add some cooking oil, heat it up on the medium flame.
    • Now add chop garlic saute it for 20 seconds make sure it does not get burnt.
    • Add onion julienne saute it 30-40%.
    • This time now add mix bell pepper & light saute with onion for 50 seconds.
    • Add cajun spice, black/white pepper powder aromat, salt if needed,
    • Now add cooked chicken julienne mix all well & keep cooking in medium heat for 2 min.
    • Once the chicken cooked well, so tacos filling is fully ready.
    • Take tacos shell to fill it up with the cooked chicken & vegetable & place the grated cheese on top.
    • Melt the cheese well in oven or salamander.
Chicken Taco Recipe
Chicken Taco Recipe

  • Here we go with this yummy cheesy tacos.
  • Serve with guacamole sauce.
    • How To Make Chicken Tacos
    • How To Make Chicken Tacos

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