Dynamite shrimp | Best ever Recipe  By Chef Lifes
Dynamite shrimp Recipe

Dynamite shrimp, Dynamite shrimp Recipe, dynamite shrimp sauce, dynamite sauce recipe. Hi everyone today I m sharing with you my best DYNAMITE SHRIMP recipe, fully created by me, it’s really yummy & delicious while you want to prepare a quick starter, most of the people don’t eat shellfish so for them they can make dynamite chicken as well, just replace the shrimp with chicken supreme. why we use chicken supreme coz its soft to eat and easy to cook,

Dynamite shrimp | Let’s celebrate dynamite

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Dynamite shrimp served as a starter, so its good to prepare while you have home parties, coz it can be prepared in the home easily, within 5 to 7 minĀ  “once you have homemade sambal sauce already in your chiller” (for homemade sambal sauce kindly check another recipe in ASIAN section).

Ingredients list (for one Portion)

  1. Shrimp clean – 8 No.

  2. Tempura flour – 500 Grm.

  3. Fine chop garlic – 1 Clove medium.

  4. salt a pinch.

  5. black pepper powder a pinch.

  6. Lemon Juice a few drops.

  7. Oil for deep fry.

  8. Japanese mayonnaise – 4 tablespoon.

  9. Sriracha sauce – 1 tablespoon.

  10. Homemade sambal – 2 t-spoon.

  11. Lettuce for base.

  12. White toasted sesame seeds or spring onion chop for Garnish.

Cooking Method-

  • For batter -according to your portion take tempura flour, ice water, one egg yolk, add ice water & yolk in flour check the consistency not too thick not too thin, mix well keep aside.

  • take clean shrimp in a bowl add salt, black pepper, lemon juice & mix all well.

  • dust the marinated shrimp with tempura flour, dip in batter.

  • deep fry for 3 to 5 minutes at 180* temperature.

  • make crispy, (if you want more crispy add bread crumb while dusting).

  • remove from deep fryer in a mixing bowl add Japanese mayonnaise, homemade sambal & sriracha sauce, mix all well.

  • place the lettuce on serving glass or plate arranged the shrimp on top.

  • garnish with sesame seeds, or spring onion chop serve hot.

  • Note- never put fried shrimp in chiller or freezer coz you will not get good taste as much as fresh fried and as you know very well the shrimps can cook easily so if you recook it will be mashed easily, so better I prefer how many pieces you would love to eat just fry that much only.

Thank You

well, I m sure definitely you gonna enjoy these yummy creamy shrimp, once you try just let me know as well hows the flavor, if you have any question regarding food or culinary please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment box below, kindly don’t forget to give your suggestions or opinion as well, Thank you for your precious time, see you soon in next blog.

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