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Best Homemade Sambal Sauce Recipe

Most useable sauce for stir fry vegetables, meat chicken or fried rice, grilled fish, seafood, or making any kind of spicy base sauce. Sometimes I used it in teppanyaki as well it really enhances the flavor while mixing with grilled meat chicken or fish in front of the Guest.

Best Homemade Sambal, Homemade Sambal sauce, Sambal Sauce Recipe.

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Sambal Sauce Recipe | What is hot spicy sauce..?

Well, sambal sauce is a kind of Asian sauce, most using countries China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. sometimes using other Asian countries as well, it’s perfect for a home party or restaurant, it will help you out to make your cooking delicious. It can be use for various sizzling too.

what is the self-life & storage procedure for this sauce.?

if we talk about self-life it can be stored up to 6 months but in the freezer only with the vacuum bag, with proper cooling method while cooldown the sauce. In a chiller, it can stay till 10 to 12 days easily make sure the chiller temperature must be proper (below 5 degrees). it is not spoiled faster coz we don’t add water while preparing the sauce.

Ingredients List-

  1. Garlic chop       – 200 Grm. 

  2. Onion chop      – 400 Grm.

  3. Ginger chop     – 200 Grm.

  4. Celery chop      – 200 Grm.

  5. Sugar                 –  150 Grm.

  6. Chili garlic sauce – 200 Grm. (optional)

  7. Fresh red chili big chop – 100 Grm.

  8. Sambal Oelek plain  –  500 Grm

  9. Tomato ketchup –  350. Ml

  10. Cooking Oil

Cooking Method-

  • Take a thick bottom pan or handy, place it on fire range.

  • add cooking oil according to the portion, heat it up for one minute.

  • add chop garlic, ginger, and saute it for one minute then onion and mix well, saute these veggies in slow heat till light golden color.

  • once the veggies leave the oil then add chop celery, fresh red chili, and keep cooking in medium heat till 5 to 7 min.

  •  add tomato ketchup, sugar, chili garlic sauce (if available) sambal oelek, mix all well and keep cooking in medium heat till 10 to 12 minutes.

  • once all the Rogan (oil) come on top then remove the pan from fire and immediately transfer to a cooling container,

  • cooling in blast chiller if you have otherwise cool with the ice bath method, take a bigger container to fill it with ice add some water and place (dip) the sauce container into it, make sure the water will not go in the sauce.

  • once it cools down place it in chiller directly or in the vacuum bag store in the freezer up to 6 months, if you are making large quantities.

  • you can increase the quantity just take double or triple portion of all the ingredients.
  • NOTE – it’s always spicy if you want to make non-spicy the taste will change automatically.


Thank you

Well, I hope you will prepare the sauce, you can enjoy it on any special occasion. While you want to impress your family or friends by your cooking.

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