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Teriyaki salmon Recipe

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Hello everyone, let’s make some delicious salmon teriyaki today, with soba noodles, the easiest and simple way to prepare at home it doesn’t need any high quality of ingredients or equipment, definitely, you gonna love it. Most of the people thinking that soba noodles used only for cold Japanese soup, but here I change the recipe of my salmon teriyaki with noodles, and vegetables.

Teriyaki salmon Recipe | Perfect Lunch or Dinner

Well, whenever you want to try some Japanese food you must add salmon teriyaki in your menu. if you have a home party or you want to create the international restaurant menu. Noodles and vegetables will enhance flavor so you will not eat just only fish, absolutely delicious with homemade teriyaki sauce. This meal is pretty good for those people who don’t eat spicy food. salmon is really good for health so from kids to old people, everyone can enjoy salmon meals. Instead of salmon, you can use another soft fish if you don’t like salmon.

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List of Ingredients – for One Portion

  1. Salmon – 180 Grm.
  2. Soba noodle – 100 Grm.
  3. Chopped garlic – 1 T-spoon.
  4. Onion julienne – 20 Grm.
  5. Carrot julienne – 20 Grm.
  6. Blanched Edamame seeds – 20 Gram.
  7. Mix bell pepper julienne – 60 Grm.
  8. black pepper powder – 1 pinch.
  9. salt – 1 pinch.
  10. Butter – 1 Tablespoon.
  11. cooking oil – 1 Tablespoon.

Cooking Method-

  • blanched the soba noodle cool down & keep aside.
  • Take salmon 180 Grm cut into 4 Pieces marinate with teriyaki sauce keep aside for 3 minutes, after that grilled those pieces both sides in a non-stick pan and place in oven for 3 to 5 minutes at 180*C temperature.
  • if you want to cook more then increase your time, if you don’t have an oven you can cook in the same pan at low flame and cover the pan. 
  • same time you can take a non-stick pan add some cooking oil, heat it up for 1 min, add chop garlic after 30 seconds add onion julienne, saute well, 
  • add bell peppers julienne saute for 1 to 2 min add soba noodle a pinch pepper powder, salt, edamame seeds butter and teriyaki sauce, mix all together well,  keep in low flame for 1 minute. 
  • remove the cooked veggies, noodle in a serving plate,  
  • check the same time salmon in the oven its almost ready, remove,  place it on top of the noodle, sprinkle some white toasted sesame seeds, chopped spring onion.
  • here we go it’s fully ready to impress your guest. yummy salmon teriyaki.

Teriyaki Sauce Recipe-

  1. soya sauce – 1 Ltr.
  2. mirin – 500 Ml (optional) if you don’t have, use sugar according to sweetness.
  3. sugar – 500 Grm.
  4. garlic 1 No.
  5. carrot 1 No.
  6. leeks half.
  7. onion 1 No.
  8. ginger 100 Grm.


Ruffly chop all the vegetables roast in the oven or in a pan, take once saucepan add soya sauce, mirin, roasted vegetables and cook it at low heat for 10 min, after add sugar check the sweetness and boiled it for 5 min, remove strained and bring it back to the flame with clean pan, add some corn starch for thickness make sure not too thick, here we go it’s ready. cool dowl keep in chiller for one month it will not spoiled.


Keep enjoying this delicious juicy salmon with your family & friends.

kindly give your feedback below in the comment box. keep asking the question, have a great time.

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